Postgraduate Graduation Ceremony Class of 2022/2023

Special Postgraduate Graduation Ceremony Held

GUST, headed by Prof. Dr. Mohamed G. Kafafy, celebrated the postgraduate graduation ceremony of a new batch for a group of Senior Engineers & Managers has taken place on the HCCD of the Ministry of Public Business Sector, Egypt.

The graduates were students in a Project Management Postgraduate Diploma program initiated in Jan 2022. This program conducted at the GUST Capacity Development Competitiveness Co. for Training (Quodrat), the strategic and executive arm for building and development of the human resources affiliated to HCCD of the Ministry of Public Business Sector.

The Acting Chairman of HCCD of the Ministry of Public Business Sector, Mr. Osama Elhussiany, the Chairman & CEO of Quodrat and GUST Collegiate Council Member Prof. Dr. M. Amr Sadik participated in the graduation ceremony, as well as HCCD board member Eng. Ahmed Fouad, important figures interested in the educational process, and some of the media professionals. Mr. Osama Elhussiany expressed his gratitude to the GUST-Quodrat for providing a high-quality education to all students in the program. Prof. Dr. M. Amr Sadik reiterated the commitment of developing people and then people developing the business.

The 11 students who graduated with Postgraduate Diplomas in Project Management are Senior Engineers & Managers from subsidiary companies of  the Holding Company for Construction & Development (HCCD) of the Ministry of Public Business Sector, established since 1960 to cope with the new economic policy that depends on market mechanism, quality assurance and competitiveness. HCCD owns 11 companies categorized as follows: 5 contracting companies, 1 company for designs & engineering consultations, 3 housing companies, 1 electric company, and 1 trading co.

For his part, Prof. Dr. Mohamed G. Kafafy, President of GUST, congratulated the graduates, students and professors. He stated that the university is always proud of its graduates and students because they are its true ambassadors; and that he is also proud of the university’s research, academic and professional education locally & globally, bridging the qualification gap between academia and industry especially since the reputation of the university and its students globally occupies an advanced position. He concluded that the university was established to be a pioneering University in Education for Employment (E4E) and Learning for Leadership (L4L) that contribute to supporting industry and the growth of the local & global economy and consolidating the principles of knowledge, science and technology as a basis for the growth of communities for achieving the Global Sustainable Development Goals.

At end of the ceremony, Prof. Kafafy, President of GUST granted a certificate of appreciation to Mr. Osama Elhussiany , Acting Chairman of HCCD of the Ministry of Public Business Sector, for his extraordinary service and dedication to the HCCD and sponsoring all the students in the program.

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