Innovative Research Universities Consortium (IRUC)

GUST is committed to actively transfer research and innovation through technology licensing and collaborative partnerships delivering tangible benefits to the community.

The Global University of Science and Technology (GUST) is establishing the Innovative Research Universities Consortium (IRUC) as a coalition of comprehensive universities committed to inclusive excellence in teaching, learning and research globally.

The members’ commitment and impact is both local and global with a focus on advancing communities through education, resources, opportunities, translational research and enterprise.

Through its members working collectively, the IRUC seeks to be at the constructive global centre of university policy making, influencing political developments beyond individual university capacities to do so.

The IRUC members’ research focus is on the translation and commercialisation of research on issues of critical importance to the communities in which they are based and addressing problems of national and global scale. Over time our members have developed their own particular research strengths, with multiple areas of research at and well above world standard.

GUST believes that it has the responsibility to engage far beyond the borders of academia; after all, scholarships and learning should server multiple societal purposes. On effective way to do this is to partner with various institutions, including governmental organizations, non-governmental organization, schools, hospitals, private firms, museums and others.

Such combined resources can make a tangible difference to the effectiveness of the community sector developmental issues and to the improvement of quality. In building partnerships, GUST works to fulfill its strategic goal of meaningful local and agreements for mobility and research collaboration, to ensure that people can gain access to the intellectual resources of the University, and for the University to be more humble and connected learner, itself about the institutions and societies with which it desires to serve.

Parallel to its international university partnerships, GUST looks forward to more strategic and sustainable partnerships with national and international agencies, non-governmental organizations and Egyptian universities. GUST aims to enrich its environment through a comprehensive engagement strategy using its full array of its resources.


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