Professional Graduation Ceremony, April 2023

1st Professional Graduation Ceremony Held in East Africa

The Global University of Science & Technology (GUST), headed by Prof. Dr. Mohamed G. Kafafy, celebrated the professional graduation ceremony of a new batch for a group of  executive Managers has taken place first time in Bujumbura City, Republic of Burundi in East Africa.

More than 50 graduates were students in professional education & certifications for HR Management and Project & Contract Management programs in the Republic of Burundi. These programs to award the Certified Human Resources Manager (CHRM) and Certified Project & Contract Management Professional (PCMP) by HRMI  as well as Diploma by GUST at the end of the programs after completion the examinations successfully.

The Minister of Public Service, Labour and Employment official representative, CEO’s of the top financial institutions, the Director of BBFM University Center, as well as important figures, and some of the media professionals & journalists participated in our professional graduation ceremony. The Minister official representative expressed his gratitude to the GUST for providing a high-quality professional education to all students in the programs. Mr. Jean Léonard, the Director of BBFM University Center indicates that the Center stands for professional development, “committed to support other organizations, institutions, and business management, how to be equipped with capacities in their daily activities that they are running.” Conducted for the first time in Burundi by the Global University of Science & Technology (GUST) Human Resources Management Institute (HRMI), He confides that the graduates were learned in human resource management and project and contract management. “Both professional programs were delivered to different participants from different institutions namely banks, insurance companies, enterprises and even independent consultants who need to broaden their knowledge related to the good management. We delivered international certificates to the graduates; it means the certificates are globally recognized.” Therefore, Jean Leonard announces that the 2nd round for these professional programs are scheduled from June 19, 2023. Also he thanks the employers who sent their employees to this professional programs and promises that their investment will bear fruit because, he concluded, those who succeed better find success where others leave. Finally, He invited everyone inside and outside Burundi who needs to develop his/her skills and understanding in different domains especially in human resources management and project management to participate in this second round.”

For his part, Prof. Dr. Mohamed G. Kafafy, President of GUST , congratulated the graduates for their commitment and effective participations during the programs from the beginning till graduation. “The courses contents and examinations were not easy but fortunately almost all of you succeeded. For those who didn’t pass, there still a second round and reexaminations in June 2023. Also, said that the Human is the foundation of any development, therefore we have to develop human resources and then human resources develop everything. Most African countries have everything they need to develop such as human and all natural resources, but we only have issue in the resources management. Then, our management professional programs aiming to management development to provide working professionals with global competencies standards at different industries to manage their organizational resources efficiently & effectively. He stated also that the university is always proud of its graduates and students because they are its true ambassadors around the world; and that he is also proud of the university’s research, academic and professional education locally & globally, bridging the qualifications gap between academia and industry especially since the reputation of the university and its students globally occupies an advanced position. He concluded that the university was established to be a pioneering University in Education for Employment (E4E) and Learning for Leadership (L4L) programs that contribute to supporting industry and the growth of the local & global economy and consolidating the principles of knowledge, science and technology as a basis for the growth of communities for achieving the Global Sustainable Development Goals.

One of the professional graduates, Mrs. Fleurette Nimubona, the head of human resources management at Ecobank Burundi, tells how beneficial she found the training program. “I have experience in human resources management. I was able to put theories on what I was doing in my daily activities and the most important I got as an added value is that I will be able now to convince others like human resources managers how their support is very important in the human resources management. Getting the international certificate is for her more than a pride. “It is different from a diploma; it is different from a degree from school. This is to certify that in the domain of the human resources management that one has skills, capabilities. It is an added value for now I will have more confidence in my work”. Fleurette invites others who would like to be equipped with skills in human resources to partake in the forthcoming program. “The human resources capital is very important. The owners of the companies are waiting for a return on the investment. You cannot be able to give this return on investment if you’re not equipped to do that. So, I would like to call everyone to join this program which is coming again in June. It is an opportunity which is given to us as Burundians. We got the opportunity to learn many things from a highly competent professor and for a very affordable price. Please don’t miss it, otherwise it will cost you more than today”

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