Graduation Ceremony in Congo-Kinshasa

1st International Professional Graduation Ceremony held in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) Central Africa

The Global University of Science & Technology (GUST), headed by Prof. Dr. Mohamed G. Kafafy, celebrated the professional graduation ceremony of a new batch for a group of  executive Managers has taken place first time in Kinshasa, DRC.

The graduates were students in professional education & certifications for HR Management program in the Kinshasa City. This program conducted to award the Certified Human Resources Manager (CHRM) by the Human Resources Management Institute (HRMI) and Professional Diploma by the GUST at the end of the program upon completion the examinations successfully.

The HRMI is the world leading professional organization and official certifying body for the management profession. It is a United States 501(c) international professional organization operating globally from 2008, complying with the requirements of ISO 17024 accreditation standards set forth by the International Organization of Standardization for personnel certification bodies, further validation of the HRMI’s status as the most globally transferable credentials. It is affiliated with the GUST. The Global University of Science & Technology (GUST) as a federal body to coordinate and integrate resources and ensure the implementation of the Education for Employment (E4E) and multidisciplinary Learning for Leadership (L4L) System programs.

From participants in feedback surveys describe their satisfaction with professional learning sessions as “high informative and engaging” and “Tailored to our service and how to manage the HR efficiently & effectively to achieve maximum productivity matching with organizations strategic goals & competitive advantage for survive and thrive in rapidly changing world “.

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